Home, Personal Care and IndustryInnovative materials for household, personal care and industry (HPI)

CAN GmbH is focusing on the utilization of new concepts in chemical polymer- and nanotechnology for applications in the fields of home, personal care and industry. Over the last six years we have developed tailor-made polymers which show outstanding properties. We offer different rheology modifiers for water and oil based products. Our polymers meet high expectations for use in daily life and can additionally be designed as multifunctional additives to meet specific system requirements.

Furthermore, we provide nanoparticles like TiO2 for various purposes and pure or metal-doped ZnO particles with antibacterial effects (CANdots® Series D). The syntheses for our nanoparticles are well established and deliver highly reproducible quality. CAN also offers nanoparticles or quantum dots for various specific technical or life science applications.

CAN’s knowledge in the field of polymer and nanoparticle synthesis, their modification and combination opens up large opportunities for developing special nanoparticle – polymer based systems. The expertise within CAN allows for nanoparticle encapsulation, surface modification and variation of material properties in such a way that they can be used for different applications.

CAN GmbH offers supply of ready-to-use products, custom development, contract research and analytical services.