Nanosystems in life science and medicine: Nano-based solutions

CAN GmbH develops nanoparticle based systems for applications in biology and medicine.
CAN GmbH provides solutions for life science and preclinical research. Water soluble fluorescent, plasmonic or superparamagnetic marker-materials, as well as nanoparticle based test-kits and biofunctionalized nano probes have already been developed, either customized or in externally funded research. CANdot ® particle systems excel in a controlled superior quality, regarding their physico-chemical properties, outstanding stability in biological media, extraordinary low cytotoxicity and capability of conjugation to biomolecules. The proprietary synthesis process developed by CAN GmbH guarantees a high reproducibility of the particle systems as well as a quick and flexible optimization of all relevant parameters. Possible applications of these materials for diagnostics, clinical molecular imaging or therapeutic approaches are currently investigated in international research cooperations. As a result of our constantly improved production techniques numerous products and services were provided to customers in the last years.
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