Solar Cells

The broad expertise in nanotechnology allows CAN GmbH to address various aspects in solar cell technology and to find customer-specific solutions. The main scope of CAN lies with the development of cost efficient 3rd generation solar cells and optimization of their key parameters. We are pleased to assist you as our customer in the field of nanotechnology concerning its application in photovoltaics.

Absorption of light, as well as, charge transport are fundamental processes in solar cells and both occur on the nanometer scale. Therefore, the control of materials structure in that size regime is the main issue when aiming for efficient solar cells.

Our R&D activities in solar cell technology focus on the development of inorganic nanostructures to be integrated into cost efficient 3rd generation solar cell concepts, e.g. bulk heterojunction, depletion layer and electrochemical devices.

Due to their high photostability CANdot ® Series A and C nanoparticles, provide an excellent alternative and added value to traditional organic absorber materials and open up new ways of processing. CANdot ® Series A and C nanoparticles are developed and produced in our labs and are precisely tunable in size allows for easy adjustment of absorption characteristics according to the desired photovoltaic application.

In addition to nanoparticle synthesis the know-how of our company includes the modification of organic-inorganic interfaces. Furthermore, the specific surface functionalization of nanoparticles and their attachment to diverse substrates belongs to the core competences of CAN GmbH.

Thus, the combination of structural control on the nanometer scale, the fine tuning of the nanoparticles’ absorption behavior and control of their surface chemistry via our expert knowledge allows us to find promising concepts for research and development.

We are looking forward to consulting and supporting you with finding specific solutions to your challenges in photovoltaics.