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Nanoparticles and polymers for your purpose

The Center for Applied Nanotechnology offers companies and other institutions contract research and analytics in the area of nanotechnology. A variety of nanoparticles and polymers with different properties are marketed as CANdots.

Life Science

CANdots® for applications in life science

Use of fluorescent or magnetic nanoparticles in the area of medicine, diagnostics and life science gives an overview in the field of nanotechnology. [more...]

New product: His Detect

Say hello to enjoyable high speed Westerns!

This reagent enables a new fast, reliable and economic way of poly-Histidin tagged protein detection during blot experiments. After transfering your Western Blot to a membrane, the results are visible already within 30-90 minutes. [more...]

Technical Applications

Usage of nanoparticles in technical applications

Our profound knowledge in nanoparticle synthesis and modification allows their use in systems for modification and arrangement of materials and interfaces in the area of energy and functional polymers. [more...]

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