Departments at CANCompetencies in nanoparticle production, polymers and analytics

The Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH offers contract research and development services in the field of nanotechnology to companies and research institutions alike. Additionally we participate in national and international research programs. Our activities in particular are focused on the utilization of new concepts in chemical nanotechnology and nanoanalysis especially in the following fields of application: material science (components of solar and fuel cells, displays and LED/lighting), life science (diagnostic agents) and home and personal care / industry (additives for cosmetics, detergents, specialty polymers).

Our main expertise is the production of various nanoparticulate and nanocomposite material like fluorescent, magnetic, conductive, X-ray opaque, metallic, and ceramic nanocrystals. Furthermore, we gained expert knowledge in the development of tailor-made polymers and thickener systems.